Diamond Precast Stairs has been manufacturing architectural precast concrete pieces, in northwestern Washington State, for decades.

We are able to fabricate thousands of custom and standard stair treads for apartment complexes, mixed use projects and commercial buildings, yet also are able to produce once off pieces for custom projects. We work with a broad customer base, including general contractors, framers, steel fabricators, property managers, and residential home owners.

Precast concrete has numerous advantages, including:

  • Precast concrete arrives ready and easy to install, saves time and labor costs, and minimizes concrete pouring and finishing on site.

  • Fast installation and no curing time on site allows less job site disruption, and other trades can start work sooner.

  • Concrete is a durable material with a long service-life.

  • Precast offers almost limitless options in the variety of products and design options, including finish, color, size, and shape.

  • Products are engineered, and manufactured in an environment which ensures quality, uniformity, fit, durability, function and precise workmanship.

  • Sustainability - the production of precast is environmentally responsible, using our local sources for materials, and supplying a product that outlasts other materials.

We look forward to helping you complete your project!