Steps required to determine tread size needed for your job:

1.  Determine inside stringer to stringer dimension minus ¼” for installation.

2.  Determine location of anchors – outside edge to anchor center.

3.  Measure from front edge to center of front insert

4.  Measure center to center for insert location

5.  Measure thickness of tread

Calculating Lead Time for Stair Tread Order

Pro-Active Ordering

It is important to calculate the lead time for your tread order. Depending on your order size and quantity you are able to figure the lead time on your project by calculating the number of treads you need divided by the number of molds; this will calculate the approximate amount days it will take to complete your project, depending on our production schedule. Curing time for the treads is then added to the last day of pouring of 5-7 additional days, and then additional time it takes to ship. In order to get your treads in time for your project, please remember to consider the lead time. We do carry stock of our stair treads so lead time can vary depending on product ordered. To get the estimated lead time on your project please contact us to verify stock on hand and production schedule.

Example: Order for 500- 36” Flat Stair Tread placed on January 1st

500/50 Molds = 10 days to pour plus 5 days to cure plus 3 days to ship to San Francisco

This order would arrive in San Francisco on or before January 25th

Projects with larger quantities may receive several shipments which can extend your lead time or enable you to receive your order at staggered intervals. Most flatbed shipment can haul approximately 300 closed riser treads, or approximately 450 flat stair treads, or 400 half riser stair treads, or 700 ZIP treads.

For any custom project and/or landings you must add 2 weeks for mold fabrications to the lead time of your order.

If at any time you need your order expedited we are able to accommodate you by purchasing additional molds at your cost.


Our treads are palletized for shipping purposes. On a pallet there are 30 flat stair treads, or 18 closed riser stair treads, or 24 Half Riser Stair Treads or 15 Cantilever stair treads, or 50 Zip treads per pallet.

Your treads will arrived wrapped and banded on a pallet, if you do not have a forklift on site, the trucking company does require a lift gate, which has a minimum of $50 additional charge, please advise when ordering if you will require a lift gate. Full truck load deliveries do require a forklift on site to unload, as the trucking company has no way to unload the pallets.

Custom Orders

In order to ensure accuracy on custom orders we require a shop drawing of the items being ordered. We will not produce any custom product without a shop drawing from the customer to verify accuracy. The Customer is responsible for providing a shop drawing of the custom order and specific dimensions.  We have some generic shop drawings for customers to work with, in order to communicate the exact needs of the project.  Please see our Quote Request Form page to download  and print worksheets to create your custom shop drawings.


Ordering Instructions & Tips

There are several ways to contact us, request a quote, or place an order.

You may print our quote form below, and send via email or fax. 


You may also fill out our Quote Request Form page, or reach us on our Contact page.

Below are some instructions and tips for efficient and effective ordering.